Our profiles and gaskets come in materials with excellent performance and on demand we provide supplementary machining, to meet the ‘cold’ industry’s increasing needs. Several Italian and international operators in the field of refrigeration rely on our experience and competence.

Some examples of application fields.

banchi refrigerati
profili nella refrigerazione

Some examples of our realizations.

Edges for refrigerator trays, particularly in the field of big distribution, require quality surface finishes.  We apply special procedures to polishing profile surfaces in-line.

We select materials that observe regulations for food and pharmaceutical products for the extrusion of rigid profiles, according to the requirements of different international markets, including the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Doors on refrigerated cells must guarantee perfect insulation and therefore need profiles and gaskets in high-performance materials.  Our experience comes into play in this field, where we can fully satisfy our customers.