We started life as manufacturers of door and window gaskets, for which a rapidly evolving market led us to use high-performance materials and products. This now makes us one of the main go-to companies for businesses that require gaskets and profiles for entrance doors, doors, windows and aluminium and PVC systems. Our solutions for doors and windows, in particular those made of high performance thermoplastics and polyurethane, broaden the range of applications to include structural glass facades.

Some examples of application fields.

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Some examples of our realizations.

Since 2001 we have been providing the wooden door and window industry with foam-core tri-extruded thermoplastic gaskets that are currently the highest quality solutions on the market.

Companies that produce doors and windows must guarantee good thermal breaks. We are able to identify the best solution for any kind of project.

Our long experience in the field of glass facades means we are able to provide high-performance thermoplastic and polyurethane materials.