Intumescent tapes and hydrophilic profiles: our offer is still expanding

News is a word with which we are particularly familiar and which we translate into facts through research and development whose goal is to obtain ever more performing solutions, which best meet the needs of the sectors we address. The 2023 novelties signed by Liana are many. Today we tell you about two: intumescent tapes and hydrophilic profiles.

The first ones are used for sealing doors or panels and are based on the ability to expand when heated, creating a barrier against smoke and fire. We can extrude any width and thickness, all with proven fire performance.

The latter are designed to swell (up to ten times their volume) on contact with water, forming a protection capable of increasing the degree of impermeability of the entire system. We have the skills and resources to extrude all types, with different sizes, sections, hardnesses and colors to adapt to the most varied applications.